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Jim Rook is a skilled nature photographer based out of Alexandria, Minnesota. This is the heart of west central Minnesota’s lakes country; an area filled with countless natural and deep glacial lakes, wetlands and sloughs, hardwood forests, rolling hills and abundant wildlife. All of these remarkable area features tie in well with Jim’s specialties of nature, landscape and wildlife photography. His style and compositions are unmistakable. Whether it be a highly detailed capture of a bird in its natural setting, the vivid contrast of a native flower or the amazing light of a fleeting landscape his bold and meticulous photos draw you in. 

In Pursuit of the Dream

In Pursuit of the Dream

Artist Statement

Welcome, and thank you for pausing a few moments to look over my photographs. That’s my passion; to visually and emotionally take you to another place and share with you some of the beauty that my eyes have been blessed to see.

As mentioned in the biography, I make my home in Minnesota and tend to concentrate my artistic efforts there. From the prairie potholes to the Great Lakes and on up to the Boundary Waters, there seem to be endless opportunities within a few hours drive. As Marc Adamus stated, “It’s not where you are but how you see”.

Still, I am also drawn by the prairies and mountains to the west and as a result have a photographic collection of some very memorable moments in North and South Dakota, Alberta and British Columbia. By “very memorable moments”, I’m referring to those times when you look out over the landscape and as you try to take in all of creation's beauty, tears of wonder and amazement suddenly fill your eyes. That is why one of my goals is to concentrate on more of the western National Parks and other natural wonders in the near future.

I’m a “baby-boomer”, born in the early-50’s as the newest member of a blended family. My dad got in to farming when I was 4 and from that point on I was a country boy. “We moved a lot”, as my mom would say and just after my 8th birthday we settled on a farm that would mold my vision forever. This change brought us to a deep valley enriched not only with fertile soil but also with an abundance of wildlife and native plants that continue to intrigue me to this day. The outdoors rapidly became where I felt totally comfortable and at home. Even more so, there developed a burning inside of me that this natural beauty had to be shared. Thus it wasn’t long before my interest in cameras and photography started to really settle in. I wanted to capture some of those moments and sites I experienced and share them with others. Thus was born my ongoing passion with photography. So when mom surprised me with a used Kodak Pony 135, I set out in pursuit of my dreams.

I didn’t stick with my heart’s desire to be a wildlife photographer. I let life get in the way. Although I remained interested in photography and took thousands of pictures, it wasn’t until being temporarily laid off in 2003 that I told myself, “Why not!” Since then that burning passion has been centered upon capturing strong, memorable images. Allowing my understandings of nature to guide me toward photographing quality images of God’s creations has been a key part of this. Don’t get me wrong; daily efforts to glean technical knowledge, learn editing software and utilize new tools and equipment are constant and ongoing. We never stop learning. I don’t believe I will ever get to exactly where I want my photography to be but I surely plan to enjoy the ride.

Thank you to those professionals and other gifted people that have shared their knowledge and experience through blogs, books, videos and personal contact. And especially, thanks to those of you who have provided comment, criticism and encouragement. The dream lives on. Again, thanks for taking the time to stop by.

Do you have any questions about a photo or group of photos? If so, please feel free to  send me an email message by clicking "Contact" in the menu to the left. It's always great to hear from others and I promise I'll get back to you soon.

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